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REIKI Therapy Sessions

Reiki - Rei "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki "life force energy" in Japanese. For healing mind, body and soul!! Schedule Your Session Today!!

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IET - Integrated Energy Therapy Sessions

Cleansing the aura, removing blocks from the meridians and balancing the chakras. IET improves the flow of energy throughout the body and mind to promote GOOD HEALTH and MENTAL CLARITY.

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Healing Reiki Sessions

Reiki is God's great gift. Reiki can be applied to the physical body and nurture it back to it's natural healing nature as it reaches homeostasis (The optimal healing state for the body to heal itself).

Reiki also has the ability to work on the Mental-Emotional conscious and/or unconscious mind to ease anxiety, stress and feelings of all kinds.

Reiki can also be accomplished as a Distant Healing Methodology and sent to anyone anywhere at any time. I invite you to treat your body with the Healing Reiki Energy and watch your health improve in a subtle but accelerated way!!

Ask The Angels To Help!!

Energy blockages have many causes. and can become an issue. that prevents us from progress in our life.

IET - Integrated Energy Therapy Sessions helps to identify the locations and meanings of energy blockages. Once the location of blocks are perceived, IET is an effective tool to clear or mitigate them.

The removal of energy blockages opens the channels of positive life force to flow throughout and better nurture the subtle energy of the body.

The Purple PAD (Prayer Accumulating Device)

The Purple PAD (Prayer Accumulating Device) is a project that mixes Healing energies, Prayer treatments, Color Therapy and a carbon/iron sandwich conduction construction to create a pad that can be used advisedly.

Help with the project research, learn and share your experience for the greater good, receive energy with from The Purple Pad.

. For the whole story, visit the website at

Life Coaching

Success is measured by the JOY you experience in everyday life.

Whether you are trying to improve your career, your relationships, your health or your finances, balancing it all is a good skill to learn.

Start thinking about your goals today. Let me send you a Goal Setting e-book. Just go to http://GALifeCoaching and give me your first name and e-mail address and i will send it off right away.

After you determine your goals, send them to me for a Free Life Coaching consultation today.

Angel Scribe

How Are You Doing?

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